Akwa Ibom SUBEB Past Questions and Answers

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( Akwa Ibom SUBEB/ Teaching Service Exam Past Question Papers- Up to Date Version)

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Akwa Ibom State Teachers Exam Past Question Samples

  1. All but one of the following is not a symbol of political culture
  2. A) The government
  3. B) An anthem
  4. C) A national flag
  5. D) The constitution
  6. In politics, power is all of the following EXCEPT
  7. A) Ability to make people do things they otherwise will not do
  8. B) Capacity to affect the actions of others
  9. C) An object
  10. D) It is part of a relationship
  11. One of the destructive features of a democracy is that it
  12. A) is not associated with one party state
  13. B) connotes civil rule
  14. C) facilitates popular participation
  15. D) provided for a unicameral legislature
  16. Which of the following best describes French colonial policy in Africa?
  17. A) policy assimilation
  18. B) policy of casus belli
  19. C) policy of hostility
  20. D) policy of association
  21. A political concept that defines the beliefs, attitudes and values of a society is called
  22. A) Referendum
  23. B) Political socialization
  24. C) Political culture
  25. D) Political transformation
  26. Nigeria became a republic on
  27. A) May 29, 1999
  28. B) January 1, 1996
  29. C) October 1, 1960
  30. D) October 1, 1963
  31. Which of these men introduced indirect rule in Nigeria?
  32. A) Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
  33. B) Sir James Robertson
  34. C) Lord Lugard
  35. D) Mungo Park
  36. Africans were first elected to the legislative council in British West Africa in
  37. A) Sierra Leone
  38. B) The Gambia
  39. C) Ghana
  40. D) Nigeria
  41. A nation consists of people with
  42. A) Common ancestry
  43. B) Common history
  44. C) A shared set of values
  45. D) All of the above
  46. A special election organized to decide on a political issue is known as
  47. A) General election
  48. B) By election
  49. C) Primary election
  50. D) Plebiscite
  51. A non-monarchial state can best be described as a
  52. A) Nation
  53. B) Federation
  54. C) Confederation
  55. D) Republic
  56. This African ruler resisted colonial rule and was later exiled by the colonial officials
  57. A) Oba of Benin
  58. B) King Jaja of Opopo
  59. C) Alaafin of Oyo
  60. D) Onisanbo of Ogbooro
  61. In a federal constitution, legislative powers that are shared by two levels of government are referred to as
  62. A) Exclusive
  63. B) Concurrent
  64. C) Extra-ordinary
  65. D) Residual
  66. One of these was in existence before the outbreak of the second world war
  67. A) The UNO
  68. B) The OAU
  69. C) The League of Nations
  70. D) The Commonwealth of Nations
  71. The second military coup d’etat in Nigeria took place on
  72. A) July 29, 1975
  73. B) October 1, 1996
  74. C) July 29, 1966
  75. D) January 15, 1966


  1. E) February 13, 1976
  2. Herbert Macaulay was the first President of
  3. A) NEPU
  4. B) NCNC
  5. C) UMBC
  6. D) AG
  7. Fascism originated from
  8. A) Greece
  9. B) Italy
  10. C) China
  11. D) Germany
  12. According to Karl Marx, the mode of production that precedes capitalism is
  13. A) Communalism
  14. B) Feudalism
  15. C) Mercentilism
  16. D) Socialism
  17. Democracy was first practiced in
  18. A) Greece
  19. B) Ghana
  20. C) Britain
  21. D) United States of America
  22. The Economic Community of West African States was established in
  23. A) May 1966
  24. B) May 1975
  25. C) May 1963
  26. D) May 1996

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