Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions and Answers

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Samples of Akwa Ibom State Teachers Past Questions

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30. What was the primary purpose of the Sir Henry Willinks Commission of Inquiry?
A) To make lagos a british colony
B) To amalgamate Northern and Southern Nigeria
C) To allay the fears of minorities in Nigeria
D) To approve the independence of Nigeria

31. Under which of the following conditions can a Nigerian be deprived of his or her citizenship?
A) If married to a foreign national
B) If one holds a dual citizenship
C) If convicted of armed robbery
D) If one buses the National flag

32. All but one of these is not a tactic adopted by pressure groups in the pursuit of their objectives
A) Lobbying
B) Propaganda
C) Assault
D) Boycott

33. One of these was in existence before the outbreak of the second world war
A) the commonwealth of nations
B) the UNO
C) the OAU
D) the League of Nations

34. In a federal system
A) the centre is weak
B) there is unity in diversity
C) plurality is abnormal
D) there is nothing like autonomous units

35. “Rule of Law” refers to a situation in which
A) lawyers are the rulers
B) the judiciary is independent
C) laws are supreme
D) parliament makes laws

36. According to Karl Marx, the mode of production that precedes capitalism is
A) communalism
B) socialism
C) feudalism
D) mercantilism

37. Nigeria became a republic on
A) october 1, 1963
B) october 1, 1960
C) may 29, 1999
D) january 1, 1966

38. The creation of classless society is the ultimate aim of
A) capitalism
B) fascism
C) communism
D) socialism

39. A parliamentary system, who ensures that members are in the house to vote on major issues is
A) party leaders
B) whip
C) clerk of the house
D) speaker of the house

40. During the period of 1960-1966, Nigeria was governed under the
A) confederal system of government
B) unitary system of government
C) presidential system of government
D) westminster system of government

41. A major issue that distinguishes pressure groups from political parties is
A) ideology
B) voting patterns
C) membership
D) objective

42. In the process of implementing laws, the executive sometimes performs
A) oversight functions
B) legislative functions
C) bureaucratic functions
D) judicial functions

43. In the Igbo political system, the most senior member of the council of elders is the
A) Okpara
B) Eze
C) Obi
D) Ofo

44. The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate and the colony of Lagos was in
A) 1960
B) 1957
C) 1966
D) 1914

45. The branch of government responsible for implementing laws is the
A) judiciary
B) legislature
C) executive
D) police

46. The legislature performs the following functions except
A) determines the general direction of public policy
B) enforcing the law
C) exercises power of appointment of government officials
D) investigating and monitoring the activities of the officials of government

47. The EFCC was established to
A) arrest, detain and prosecute corrupt state governors and legislators
B) arrest and trial corrupt politicians
C) assist the world bank in monitoring economic projects in Nigeria
D) combat economic and financial crimes in Nigeria

48. Free education was introduced in west region by which of these premiers?
A) Chief Bola Ige
B) Chief Obafemi Awolowo
C) Chief S.L. Akintola
D) Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin

49. A condition for judicial independence is the appointment of judges by the
A) 1979 constitution
B) Judicial Service Commission
C) Civil Service Commission
D) Law Review Commission

50. Nigeria became a republic in
A) 1914
B) 1961
C) 1960
D) 1963

51. Globalisation is all but one of these
A) an increasing integration of the world
B) a renewed concept in international studies
C) limited to the west
D) a process of making the world smaller

52. The principles that have guided Nigeria’s foreign policy since independence includes the following except
A) non alignment
B) peaceful coexistence
C) legal equality of states
D) political dependence

53. The action group crisis was in which year
A) 1966
B) 1962
C) 1965
D) 1963

54. Under the 1963 republican constitution, the president exercised
A) concurrent powers
B) executive powers
C) nominal powers
D) judicial powers

55. The idea of democracy started with the
A) romans
B) greece
C) persians
D) egyptians

56. The leader of the northern people’s congress
A) Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
B) Yakubu Maitama Sule
C) Ahmadu Bello
D) Aminu Kano

57. Which of the following courts served has the highest judicial organ for Nigeria up till 1963
A) Federal Court of Appeal
B) Supreme Court
C) Appellate Court
D) The Privy Council

58. The independence of the judiciary can be enhanced by the following except
A) when judges hold office for a fixed term
B) appointment of judges by an independent body
C) political neutrality of judges
D) when judges cannot be removed from office even when they commit crimes

59. Politics is an act for
A) states to control its destiny
B) man to create government
C) to determine orders
D) man to govern himself

60. What was the name of the highest ruling body during General Babangida’s rule
A) the national council of states
B) armed forces ruling council
C) the presidency
D) the federal executive council

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